We never had to worry about our security while riding with Andrew
The doctors take care of the patient right on the spot
It's true, the equator is here!
We never felt so far apart
Swiss invasion
Fondue evening at Andrea's home stay family
Seems like they are happy, no?
People say�
� we have so many�
� party pictures�
� on our homepage�
� and we have...
... no idea�
� what they are�
� talking about ;-)
We introduce: our next traveling partner, Tom from Berlin...
... and we say good bye to Andrew and Michael
The recumbent gang is leaving
Wow, look, snow!
It was even a lot stronger than it appears on the picture
Like a father with his dead child
Stefan now has a low-rider recumbent
Incredible, no? (engineers, have a closer look, very interesting)
Finally escaped the clouds
There is always a spot with sunshine
Our new folding bike
Higly advanced engineering tecniques
Our engineer at work
Steel tube, wrapped with paper, screw together...
One year anniversary at Couchsurfing bar in Cuenca
Sweet bike admirer
We were cycling higher than the clouds...
...and between them
Uh, they are sooo small!
Life is beautiful
Hopp Schwiiz!
The mountain is waiting
Yes, we did it!
No comment
Yo baby :-)
Our cabana in the jungle
Got you - piranha on the hook
Pius' short time girlfriend
Nice camp spot here...
...nice camp spot there
Hairy guy
Laguna Cuicocha
One of the short phases of nice weather
The market of Otovalo - the biggest in South America
He probably walks home for three hours now
San Pedro festival in Cayambe - colors...
...and colors...
...and colors...
...and bullfights!
Endless fields of Paramo-grass
Ecuador... typical... it can be
The colors of the jungle
Nice weather, warm air, a little boat trip - nice
There was a house-monkey here too
He's just not the type for this sport...
...but still was very successful!
Piranhas are ready. Have a nice meal!
The jungle in the evening
Living in comfortable wood huts
Don't touch
Another nice jungle meal: grilled monkey!
What a giant of a tree. Makes Redwoods look small
Jungle-style bathroom
Pillon del Diablo waterfall
Tungurahua volcano near Ba�os - still very active!
Chimborazo greets from far
Laguna del Altar
What? What are you looking? Wanna get wet?
Cotopaxi is beautiful... is Cotopaxi national park
A night under the stars at the lower base camp
Walk towards the giant
The upper base camp in the evening...
...and in the morning
We found Yeti!