Costa Rica

He had an enlightenment
A picture to tell how hot it was
Local food vs. gringo food
Camping in a garden - with pool and patio
Famous beaches of the Nicoya peninsula
Sunset in Samara
Training unit in well chosen atmosphere (beer and billard)
Cow and coward
We were not surprised anymore - roads in Costa Rica
Mental support in the f... steep grades and heavy traffic (see left)
With Yadixa and her mom - pura vida!
In our studio in Cartago - close, very close to the basilica
Swiss girls celebrating CHF=USD with us
Volcano Irazu in the evening...
...and in the morning after
Hammock mass sleeping in the Rocking J's
Rocking J's is one big piece of art
Stefan found his living double
Costa Rica meets Switzerland meets Gringo
Ready for a "Jass" with Pius' parents
Paddling through the beautiful jungle of Tortuguero
One of the amazing creatures watching us paddle by
Time for a new rim
Papa cleaning after his son :-)