The tiny trucks they use in the mines here
But he doesn't work to much around here
Sometimes direct translations are dangerous
Time for a new chain
Firefighter Pius preparing the truck for...
Relaxing with Carito and Fabien
Cothe, Pius, Carito and Fabian are ready for...!
Famous colorful houses of Valparaiso
The view on the hills behind Valparaiso
Color is everywhere
Seafood dinner, yammi!
Cash-out after the Black Jack game :-)
We entered the Casino like normal people, but left like superstars
In Santiago with Antonio and Karen (on the right) and friends
The nights besides the highway do not necessarily have to be ugly
Chile is a very developed country: automatic air pressure control
Another "ugly" night besides the highway
Finally the land is not dry anymore
Different way of bike traveling: on the road since 1991, total luggage some 200 kilos, including car battery, generator and...
In Temuco with Jordan and his family
Traveling in Chile is different :-)
Volcano Villarica towering above Pucon
Walking up on the snow...
...enjoying the views...
...see (and smell) the massive crater...
...and then board down, yippee!
Birds eye view of Volcano Villarica and...
...Pucon with the lakes
The international team of heroes is ready... ride the impressive water masses of the...
...Futalefu River
It's a lot of action and...!
She wanted to join our snack - really wanted
Welcome to the Carretera Austral - and the according weather
Plants in a rain forest are of another dimension
Waiting for the rain to stop - together with Jeff from Canada
As soon as the weather changes everything is nice and beautiful
Reunion with Eric on the ferry to Chile Chico
Bridle for the bike - to steer while pushing in the strong headwind
The ride along Lago Gereral Carrera...
...was well worth the hard work...
...don't you think?
The first Panamericana rider (south-north) we meet on the road - Oliver from Germany
Unofficial shelter for a night with high likelihood for rain
Living at the end of the world - without radio, TV, newspapers or electricity
Ferry rides are a part of the Carretera Austral
Scrape together the last bits of peanut butter
Watching the rain from another nice shelter
It's hard to believe we once had to carry water for drinking with us
Welcome to Torres del Paine National Park
Hiding the food we don't want to carry up and down the mountain
Shortly before sunrise...
...and right after at the famous towers
The park is full of beautiful nature. A nice waterfall or...
...beautiful tracks and views.
Could anyone explain us this kind of forest? There were no signs of fire.
View over the lakes from the French Valley
The last moments and views of Grey Glacier before the rain started.
Bikers reunion with Luc (left) and Filip (in front)
South American way of honoring the dead.
A picture to describe southern Patagonia
The only places where we could have a break from the wind
The penguins coming out of the water and preparing for... session!
A kind of "done". Tierra del Fuego!
Luc on the airstrip, ready to fly with the wind.
When a gust of wind catches you from the side :-)
Another fatigue failure.