Who Are We?

Pius Kobler

The first two years of my studies as Mechanical Engineer at ETH in Zurich were a hard time. It was then when I started hating mornings. Of course the lessons had to start so early as we needed the whole day to work for our studies… Fortunately I found a motivating project for my master studies: with PAC-Car II I had the chance to build a world record winning ultralight vehicle (www.paccar.ethz.ch)

Stefan Dudli

My lifes morning was occupied by the love for sports and speed. Combined with my overambition, this culminated in excessive triathlon trainings. Happily, I recognized that this is not everything in life. The list of my hobbies grew but not the length of the day. In addition, my studies in biochemistry took also a lot of time, actually most of the day, so that I could pursue my hobbies only at the weekends.