United States Of America

Welcome to US west coast
We felt like on Brokeback Mountain ;-)
The first of many beaches
This is how we like to spend our evenings!
West coast - we love it!
A day in the oyster capital of the world
Oregon coast bike route - perfectly organized
Another tasty first class dinner
We enjoy the view from the cliffs along Oregons coast
Thank you for the invitation, Chad!
Lighthouses everywhere
One of the Dude's endless writing sessions
Whale watching
Evening ambiance at one of Oregon's beautiful beaches.
Oregon coast light house
Ready to play in the sandbox!
100 horse power, a driver with 40 yr of experience - imagine the rest...
Jeff teaches us how to do an easy meal (we only know how to cook big meals!)
Oregon coast as in a bikers picture book
Our well deserved tailwind
One of several meetings with Jeff on the road
The famous coastal fog we never had to ride through
Peace - yeah!
Mystic full moon night
Single trail mountain biking
View from the land...
...view from the sea
California-style flat share
Avenue of the giants
Medium size redwood tree...
Early morning ride along the northern Californian coast
The only fog we had - for half an hour
We should maybe make a postcard of this one...
The man and the bridge
The view from the top of the Marine Headlands
The great kitchen @ LoBot
Graham with his favorite beer (only the pic is dizzy)
Gallery @ LoBot
A quiet beer in the Dolores park
Deeply philosophical talks with Mark N.
Our host in San Francisco - Mr. Mark T.
The lounge above the kitchen (where we stayed the first nights)
Our room - thank you Graham!
Artwork production Inc. @ LoBot
The steep part before the very steep part (and Alcatraz in the back)
Hairpin curves in a city - steeep hills
Swiss lasagna for everybody in the LoBot
Mark T. and Mark N.: bike maniacs and wonderful hosts
Oakland style open house party
The hard working men of LoBot
Sun, fun and nothing (except cycling) to do in Santa Cruz
The free seals-show on the Santa Cruz pier
Bikers dinner in Monterey: Dudli, Pius, Diane, Hap, Jenny and Grant
The bench builders behind their latest piece of art...
...and with the well deserved beer on the beautiful cliffs
The most beautiful campground we have ever seen
Biker-size portion of beans with ham
Outside pool at Hearst Castle
Hearst castle main building
Hearsts indoor-pool heaven
Clouds: yes, rain: no!
The cute bike-machines
Eric and his family in front of their beautiful Santa Barbara home
Professor Rainer Diriw´┐Żchter and professor Steven C. Kissinger @ California Lutheran University
Yo man, wassup?
We were looking for Mitch and CJ but it seems like they had their day off...
The machine-girls with Christina's sister Blair. Wow, they can smile!
Welcome to San Diego
Lunch with Raymond, Gabriel & Marie-Sol in Gabriel's Restaurant
Bikers meeting with Grant & Roger and some friends
The nice bike ride on Coronado Island with Roger & Grant
Lasagna & Caipirinhas for Gabriel & Marie-Sol. They did not know Caipirinhas...
Tiny USS Midway which we visited...
...with Thomas & Joana, a cousin of Pius
The dude in Hollywood
A tribute to David "Mitch " Hasselhoff
One of the "must have pictures "
On historic Route 66 towards Las Vegas
Welcome to Venice - in Las Vegas
Waiting for the Gondoliero
King of Las Vegas - the Bellagio
Welcome to Paris too - in Las Vegas
And welcome to New York - in Las Vegas of course
Not to forget Egypt - In Las Vegas
Multimedia overhead show. The largest screen in the world
View from the VIP-lounge of the Stratosphere Tower
Drinks just taste better when they are paid by money won in Black Jack
Waiting for the big moment
The big moment - sunrise over the Grand Canyon
Pius & Beat with their "early morning hairstyles "
Stefan with his (now) normal hairstyle
Gandalf overlooking Middle-earth
Beautiful rock formations everywhere