Welcome to Peru
Mototaxis, behind us, besides us, around us, everywhere!
Time to listen to some music
This is how towns look in Northern Peru...
...and these are the houses
Arriving at the Casa de Ciclistas in Chiclayo
The desert taking over the road
Sugar cane truck - no rules
Welcome to Trujillo, welcome to holidays!
Bikers meeting at the Casa de Ciclistas of Lucho (the guy that shines)
Breakfast at Luchos place with Randy and Nancy
Good bye Casa de Ciclistas. Muchas gracias!
The beginning of the Peruvian mountains - and the beginning of the nice weather
7.5 km/h average speed, 7 hours for 56 kilometers!
Dust + water = mud = slippery
The mountains are getting closer...
...and closer
He falls even under dry conditions :-)
This is how we imagined...
...the Peruvian Andes
We are getting into the real mountains
What do you drink when you are sick and still have to cycle?
Plaza in Huaraz
View from our rooftop terrace
Riding on unpaved roads brings us to areas like this one
The perfect camping spot - but on the other side of the freezing water
Fashion show in freezing conditions
4884 meters above sea level - probably the highest point of our tour
Corn is everywhere
The sand strip, the grass strip and... the void
When the road looks like a dry river
Our brake pads after the crazy downhill to Huanunco
A little altiplano - Lago de Junin
View from our hotel room over beautiful La Oroya
Local specialty Pachamanca - the oven contains...
...corn pads...
...meat and potatoes...
...which form a delicious meal
With Andrea in the rock formations of Torre Torre
Another nice picture from the market
Clash of civilizations: high security Red Bull
Turquoise river and an endless valley: ride from Huancayo to Ayacucho
The first of our beautiful camping spots up on 4100 meters
Hurry, as long as the sun is up!
Feels like on the top of the world
Nights get very cold, minus ten easily
Stefan with his patient - our disc brake cooling system
What can we do? Just take it easy!
We are so small and the mountains so biiig!
For the people who did not go to school
Buddy for some days - Florent from France
Stretching session together with Florent
A moment for a drink
Dirty roads - dirty bikes
Stefan prepares his bed (his air mattress is leaking)
Knight Rider a la Peru
Pius takes his girlfriend into the shower
Always a smile
Town laundry - on the main street
This is how it looks after a bus accident
UFO - Undefined friendly observer
Hey mami, why do they ride such strange bikes?
We are riding on 3500 meters here - imagine how high the mountain is!
Yeeees, Cusco, done!
Couchsurfing with Veronica and her nice family...
...and at the relaxed place of Harry
Start of our bike adventure in Ollantaytambo
Here the mood (and the road) were still fine...
...but soon we had to cross steep gorges...
...and terrible paths...
...and in the end only the railway tracks were left
Awarded for the pain: the hanging gardens of...
View from the lookout
There are still some inhabitants living here
A picture million times taken, still unbeatable
Big bike gang: Florent, Stefan, Travis and Eric (and Pius)
Don't touch, just look!
Perfect lunch brake at thermal springs
Whats this? I think they call it rain.
Welcome to the Altiplano
In some years, maybe.
6075 meters high - good job!
Up here landscapes are different
Stefan during the ceremony for 20000 kilometers...
...and after having drunk the celebration drink :-)
Altiplano style rope production
Hiding from the wind on the here nicely flat Altiplano