Welcome to Panama!
Crossing the border over the old train bridge
Additional equipment - a Panama
The Caribbean in Panama is full of bananas...
...and bananas...
...and bananas...
...and bananas...
...and banana workers
Indigenous night with Miguel and his nephews
Native meets modern biking technology
People of the Caribbean - sweet and happy...
...but poor and living from cleaning shoes
We will stop chasing the record now :-)
The only way to escape the heat of Panama
Night on the terrace of a restaurant...
...and with football and lovely sports nourishment
Wow: Puente de las Americas over the Panama Channel
Our private police escort
Our host Miguel and couch surfer Manuel
1300 containers...
...passing by in front of our eyes
With Sol and Manuel in front of the Miraflores locks
Night stroll in the "casco viejo", the old part of Panama City
Old and new Panama City
Indiana Jones comes to the San Blas Islands
San-Blas-style hotel
Castaways (at least with some beer as nourishment)
Sunset talking
Our home for five days, the "Stahlratte"
We enjoyed it to the fullest
We introduce: Andrew, our new traveling mate
Castaway Pius with his (former) boat in the back
On a sailing trip between the reefs
Adam, Kate and Andrew working hard for their meals
One of the many nice meals