Breakfast with Beat on our balcony in Rosarito
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal during their training...
...and with the well deserved drink afterwards
The smile says everything
The Baywatch-team ready for action
We could indulge our new passion as often as we wanted.
With Nancy and her "ladies"
Amazing sky caused by bushfires
Sandstorm-beer with Sylvain
Dinner with Shannon, Sylvain and Scott
Baja can look like the Oregon coast
Relaxing after a hot day
With Anthony in our hotel room
Desert does not always come together with flat...
Desert night in San Quintin
The "hundred Mexican girls" during their work
With Alberto and Juan in the factory hall
One more plateau reached
Wild camping in the beautiful desert nights
How much Tequila could they make of this one?
Boulder fields, cactuses and a perfect road
Once the sun is low cycling becomes agreeable
Mexican bureaucracy or Mexican intelligence quotient?
Mexican shower
Baja bird and Baja cow
Oceanfront apartment
What a nice spot to talk and talk and talk...
We could have stayed forever talking to Parvin and Klaus
James and Jens fighting their hang-over in our luxury room
Yes, La Paz, end of the desert!
Our luxury home in La Paz
Bowling in Mexico? The US are still close...
That's before he knew what was coming...
Captain Dave "Wolfie" Wolfsen has everything under control
This is how a happy gut looks!
A little "propinita" makes the impossible possible
Open air ride on the copper canyon train
The Copper Canyon is even bigger than the Grand Canyon
Lisa from New Zealand joined us for a bike trip to the valley of the penis' near Creel
For good luck we are riding recumbent bikes
Construction engineer Prof. Kobler in the silver mine El Eden in Zacatecas
Rooftop dinner in Zacatecas
Road construction on a Mexican highway
Room in an auto-hotel. Window to shower, a napkin dispenser beside the bed and porn TV included :-)
No, we don't believe in superstition
Guanajuato - UNESCO world heritage. We know why!
Proof number one (background!)
Proof number two
Color palette � la Guanajuato
Colorful art in colorful Guanajuato
Mexican table football team line-up: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2
Marie from Australia made our stay even more colorful
Mezcal doesn't show any side effects...
...for most people...
...told us Prof. Pius Kobler
Swiss-Australian party
A brand new highway for us alone
Mexican breakfast with Tristan and Marie
Brigitte, Bernadette and Sjaak. Sorry Sjaak, we don't have a better picture of you!
Wonderful world of "Mil Cumbres"
He could be one of her 28 children
Camping in a Mexican yard
Breakfast at Mil Cumbres viewpoint
The great world of Mexican tacos
Our date with 100'000 people: in the Aztec stadium
No more traffic: streets in Mexico City
Breakfast in our hostel with Brigitte, Ramona, Lisa and Bernadette
Start of a great evening in alternative-style bar including...
...documentation in the logbook
Christmas is getting closer: postcard-mass-production
They were just standing there, so why not try?
Millions of butterflies gathered in the trees, waiting for the sun
At least some of them were moving
Our first couch surfed. Thank you Jorge!
Arriving in Taxco
As long as the room is cheap it can be as small as this
Silver towns are usually in quite mountainous regions
The perfect Mexico picture?
Breakfast with Leticia, Omar, Emanuel and Aga
Fish stuffed with sea fruits - yummy!
No, not Africa. It's the Popocatepetl in Mexico
With Leonie after our tour through the VW factory
Couchsurfing dinner with Diego, Ixabel and Yeca. Thank you for the stay!
On a slope between Puebla and Oaxaca
Mezcal to celebrate the 10'000 km... hour after breakfast and on an empty stomach!
Smoke-filled eatery in the market of Oaxaca
The beautiful and always lively Zocalo of Oaxaca
Well, we aren't the history-and-churches-and-museums fans
Oaxacan specialty: roasted grasshoppers
Annie, Ninca, Teresa and Martin: our travel team in Oaxaca
The Mezcal capital of the world. Cheers!
Mezcal growing along the road
Yes, now we definitely are on the Panamericana
One of the rare flat parts
Climbing up 1900 meters to San Cristobal de las Casas
San Cristobal market: cleaning? Ma�ana, quizas ma�ana.
Christmas-feast in our hostel
Finally! Meeting with the Austrian roadrunners
Mexican style bike mechanic
Famous temple of the inscriptions, grave of Palenque king Pacal...
...and the place where he used to live and pray
Easy going life at the "El Panchan"
The waterfall at Misol-Ha...
...and the path leading underneath it
Beautiful colors at Agua Clara
Many people drown at Agua Azul because of dangerous currents. Not me!
Like the "Rheinfall" but with less water
Christelle and Mathias made uf feel small
Maybe that's why it's called rain forest
Everything was new on this day
Crossing the river. Good bye Mexico!