Welcome to Guatemala!
Welcome to Guatemala style roads
Finally, pavement!
This is how we looked like for three days in a row
Welcome to Tikal, king of the Maya sites
Toucan (picture through binocular)
Wildlife everywhere in Tikal
Jungle road in the Peten
Berith guards our bikes for one month
Hot waterfall and cold river - temperature adjustable
Colorful Guatemalan buses
Walking over large lava fields on volcano Pacaya
Glowing lava half a meter underground. Impressive and...
...very practical
Meeting with Markus and Heidi at Lago Atitlan
Guatemalan fire fighters - always ready to help
Laguna Chicabal
Quetzaltenango with volcano Santa Marian in the back
On the way up to volcano Santa Maria
View from volcano to volcanoes
View from volcano Santa Maria with Pacific Ocean in the background
Fuentes Georginas hot springs
Colorful indigenous traditional clothing
Traditional Maya ceremony in Sacapulas
Bloody marry time at the "El Retiro" lodge
These are the strange guys we were traveling with - Christian and Anna-Julia
At least we had a big four wheel drive car :-)
The river pools of Semuc Champey by sunshine...
...and by (tropical) rain
Our cabana at "El Retiro" in Lanquin
Who's cooler? Visit on Iguana farm
Caribbean beauty and Swiss beauty
Dive team delta force omega
Caribbean sunset...
...and Pacific Ocean sunset
Little sea turtle waiting to be released into the Pacific Ocean
Hey, we can board the wake!
Paddling session with Berith
Ups, truck lost some steel