Arriving in Cartagena
TV interview after five minutes in Colombia
With Joanna on Nicole's beautiful rooftop terrace
View from our flat...
...and our swimming pool
The crew of the Stahlratte meets again
Uhh, it really IS strong
Warm-up beer
There are nice churches...
...and nice churches...
...and beautiful streets
Sunset color rating: 8.5
Should we really trust this guy?
Bath in the mud volcano
The dreamer and the thinker and...
...the looser
After the spontaneous salsa lesson with Vanessa
Andrew's tattoos are an attraction
Arriving at Taganga
Staff on a Colombian farm: workers and soldiers
Pent-up like cattle and...
bath in their drinking trough (with little friends)
Bikers meal
The Andes start quite hilly!
Perfect place for a rest
Relaxing after a hard day
Chicamocha Canyon on the way down... the bottom...
...on the way up...
...and near the top
Interview nr. 5 - this time for TV and newspapers
After-cycling beer in San Gil
Andrew smiling in beautiful streets of Barrichara
Construction a la Barrichara
With Nicolas and the impressive Barrichara church
Specialty of the region - appreciated
Sometimes the room is too small for three bikes
Our first night in a classroom
Like in Switzerland - but with dense jungle-like vegetation
Meeting with a local
Improvement or degradation of the countryside?
Another one of Andrew's smiles - this time for Chiquinquira
Perfect camp spot in a municipal park
Goat milk - real fresh!
Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
Cyclovia - something Europe could learn a lot from
Easy riding with Carlos and Nadine
Swiss dinner for Swiss host
Look, a digital camera!
It sucks, even though it's just for ten minutes
A desert in the middle of Colombia...
...with spectacular rock formations...
...and a labyrinth of eroded sandstone
Chicken buses are everywhere
Riding through the beautiful Magdalena Valley...
...or over the adjoining hills...
...with nature phenomena completing the impressive spectacle
We are not joking around here!
Lazy day at the Casa de Ciclistas
With Teo and Dala in front of the Casa de Ciclistas
Recumbent bikers meeting
Find the two bikes...
Breakfast in the "dream house"
The Flores family in their "park"
Camilo learns to ride recumbents...
...and Andrew gets the feeling too
The dude one-to-one with nature
Advanced size street vendor
Different way of bike traveling - Daniel from France
We were impressed - are you?
For once really on the Panamericana
Las Lajas (kitsch-) sanctuary
Thousands of plates - wasted money in our opinion