The mosquitoes enjoyed it!
We are sooo romantic :-)
Road sign: "extremely dusty conditions ahead"
First flat tire after 920 km
Fashion show nr. 1: rainwear
Above the Kluane lake
Keep rollin' yeah!
Dudli takes the Kluane lake...
Cooking in bad weather
Stefan prefers chocolate as energy provider
Fashion show nr.2: cold dry weather
We have a lot of baggage too!
Watson Lake's sign post forest - a must!
Food for the Cassiar highway - take with you what you can!
Daily exercises in the evening. Our legs are already strong!
Rain caused muddy roads along the Dease Lake
Pius, your a tiger!
Fashion show nr.3: mosquito wear
Canada as in a brochure
Dead forest or what the hell is this?
Bear glacier on the way to Stewart...
...and a real black bear shortly after
Hyder - back again in Alaska for some hours
"Non-alcoholic" was just the box (Canadian laws are hard on this)
Mosquito-dinner at a romantic spot on the Cassiar Highway
The ferry through the inside passage from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island
Arriving late night in Port Hardy...
...we did not feel like putting up our tents in the rain on a camping
Nice sunset after a short rain
Hieronimus Dudlius
Apachus Pii
Futuristic Vancouver Island
Fashion show nr.4: nice weather
Logging road along beautiful Comox Lake
Not even the Dudli-bear was able to reach our food during the night
The famous and northernmost rain forest of the world
Back to the coast in Port Renfrew
As ordered in the guest book: the Dude as he rolls
Doesn't it look comfortable? It is!
Wilderness-beard no.1
Wilderness-beard no.2 (to enlarge click on the picture :-) )
Beautiful west coast at China Beach which was...
...hard to access by bike!
This is the place where our camera went for a swim (see report)
We are on holiday!
Bike-shuttle through the tunnel before Vancouver
Meet Danny, our host in Vancouver. Thank you homie!
Our new friends in Vancouver: Velco, Theoni, Dan, and Paula
Vancouver Aquabus
Dudlis choice for destiny
Housewarming apero at Danny's flat