The ride above Lake Titicaca is said to be one of the most beautiful of the Andes
Cycling into La Paz is an impressive spectacle
"The big hole" viewed from El Alto (click on the picture to see the panorama view better)
One more station on our gourmet trip, together with Andrew
Ready for the ride...
...down the most dangerous road in the world
The road is cut into the vertical wall...
...sometimes you could not see ground for hundreds of meters!
With a bike: fun! With a truck: horror!
On the plano part of the Altiplano
It's windy, very windy up here!
Bike snack: chocolate cookie with peanut butter
Meeting with the high-speed cyclists from
Curious kids everywhere
Truck surfing, it's such a great feeling!
The beautiful landscape around Potosi
This was our guide through the mines of Potosi - visualization of many Bolivian attributes
Our "hotel" in Pulacayo
The air is dry, the sun is strong
Yeees, we are on the Salar!
Camping spot of a different kind
Driving with closed eyes for minutes - no problem
He shrank due to dehydration...
...and he grew like crazy due to the consumption of large quantities of fruit juice
Yipie, it's so much fun!
The (young) man and the sea
Salt "production"
Cacti in the middle of the white sea - Isla Pescado
Last view on the Salar from our hotel
There was a train system once in Bolivia
This is how the Salar and the Lagua Route look from a satelite - colors, colors, colors
Amidst sand and dry mountains...
...beautiful lagoons...
...with mud and all sorts of water...
...and grassy areas...
...are ready to be worked by the Flamingos
Some bikers come here with their bikes - crazy!
We are in the desert, sand and wind are everywhere
You would not want to go on this trip with a smaller car
The most famous of the lagoons... the Laguna Colorada... you can see...
...why this is not so wrong (click on the picture to open in a larger window, then click again for large view)
Steam comes out of the ground as a geyser... bubbling mud...
...or just out of big holes
This is how it looks when the sun comes out
Relaxing bath in the thermal springs
Laguna Verde with volcano Lilicanbur in the back
We had to wait for an hour :-) Switzerland 1, USA 0
Back on the road again we met new friends...
...cycled through impressive rock formations...
...and learned to push through the sand
Does this look like a mine that's still working? It is!