Argentina, back to modern civilization
It's a little more than that for us
We are back in the summer!
With Florent in the Casa de Ciclistas in Salta
There is not only beef in Argentina but horses everywhere too
Cycling here is fun, just nice...
...very nice
Specially for...
...our friends
...of the...
...BFC (Bier und Fleisch Club)...
...back home in Switzerland
Luis, our host in Conception
Tutta la familia ready for meat
Heat, drought and sweat
Direct wireless connection to God
Argentineans know how to party
These are the pictures...
...of the worst road...
...we have ever ridden (pushed). That's...
...tiring stuff
With Flo and Leila in Tinogasta
In the beginning of the Paso San Francisco it's still very hot...
...but soon conditions are perfect to ride
Perfect place to escape the wind: Emergency shelters
The refugios are very basic but for us they were like a hotel suite
The evenings are uncomparable in this remoteness
Experiment to "show" the wind. This is a heavy wood board!
No experiment this time but still very strong wind
The alley of the colors
Maybe the most beautiful spot on the whole trip...
...but also some of the hardest kilometers up to the pass!
Done! Yipiee! Paso San Francisco!
Laguna Negra and Laguna Verde
Baileys (yes, we carried it up) in the thermal springs at Laguna Verde
This German-Chilean couple pampered us with Swiss Roeschti
Morning at the Laguna verde
After the pass...
...the landscape becomes less colorful...'s more like riding on the moon
Up there it's a good idea to have a spare tire with you
The Terminal. Huge boarder station for 300 cars a year
Our first contact in Chile
The weather was very dry, with a lot of wind and sun
Back to Argentina, in the south this time, with volcanoes...
...beautiful snow mountains...
...funny trees...
...and flowers
Whatever country, road workers love us (our bikes)
Pictures like one and a half years ago in Alaska
Where do you hide from the road if there are no bushes? Under a bridge!
Sometimes the trekking between Villa O'Higgins and El Chalten was a beautiful ride...
...but then there were many many obstacles...
...and difficult paths to ride (or rather walk)
First glimpse of Cerro Torres and Mount Fitz Roy
View from the lake late in the evening
New Year's Eve with sparkling fire and nice company
You now know probably understand why we wanted to stay here for a night
The mountains from the other side - night in El Chalten
Recumbents - home made! We were impressed
Seems like we are close to the end of the world
Where do you sleep when it's to windy to set up the tent? In an old water tube :-)
What a pipe! Perfect shelter for the night.
85% of the icebergs are below water level!
Each one a piece of art.
Spegazzini Glacier - do you see the size of the boat?
Wow, what a wall!
Perito Moreno Glacier squeezes along the mountain.
Argentinean Pampas
They'll never get over it.
Luc found the perfect rest spot.
This will do for the last two days - welded fork
Sad encounter
Made for Patagonia - wind power battery charger
Uh, not much missing - map studies
Only in Patagonia could we study the beautiful deatils of Tucans and...
This is THE SIGN, welcome to...
No more road to go on: Lapataia
What a last night on the road
No more use for these!
Biker party with Candrine and Ana from France.
Retired shoe
Recumbent ready to be...
...packed into huge bags
Bruce Lee was surfing the same couch in Buenos Aires too...
...together with Maria and Dea from Bulgaria and our great host Fernando
This is the great and impressive shopping centre where we...
...bought tons of new clothes for our "new lifes"
Buenos Aires is about going out - especially if you live with Fernando
Couchsurfing extended and other friends of Fernando
Spacey roads, historical buildings and a park in the middle of it - that's Buenos Aires
Nice time in the park (especially for Bruce Lee)
Buenos Aires lifestyle... different versions
Colors, imagination, fun.
The famous Argentinean meat
Sightseeing in the central park
The REAL couch-surfing at Fernando's place
The Swiss engineer helps to fix some technical problems
Le chef - Fernando "Ferdy" Regalado
Open air TV (see opened roof on very top)
Swiss meeting in Iguazu with Simon from Zurich
The following pictures...
...should show you... indescribably beautiful...
...the Iguazu Falls are
Curtain of water, kilometers long
Like in paradise, no?
Not just one bike, no, two bikes... one bag.