Arrival at the airport in Anchorage
Anchorage: Pius before the hairdresser
Anchorage: Stefan before the hairdresser
Anchorage: Pius after the hairdresser
Anchorage: Stefan after the hairdresser
Shortly before leaving Anchorage on the Glenn Highway
Start of a long trip
Cumuli over the mountains! Representative for the good weather during the 10 days in Alaska
Silvio, a Swiss guy who invited us to his home. Here with his self-made Jacuzzi
A small snack ;)
Equipment for 20 months
Endless planes - for one time without forest but with wind!
5000 meter high vulcanoes. A welcome change for the eyes
Cycling makes thirsty - fortunately the water bag can take up to 10 liters
First sunburn - too late for sunscreen
A Swiss flag simplifies to get in contact - notice the wind direction!